Nokia 105 Display Light Problem Solution Simple Trick

When we switch on mobile its not shows any thing on screen because lcd light not working.To solve this problem first check lcd or replace ldc with new one then check display light ic and other components related to light ic.In this post i share a diagram for nokia 105 lcd light solution, make jumper like diagram as shown below and chech mobile on power supply first then battery.

Iphone 5 Charging Problem Solved

iphone 5 not charging problem, fake charging problem, iphone 5 charging error problem.
To solve charging problem in iphone 5 first check charger to other iphone mobile, if charger is ok then disassemble iphone 5 and remove usb controler ic as shown below diagram and do jumper like diagram.

Nokia Asha 206 Not Charging Solution

Nokia Asha 206 Charging Not Save Problem
Nokia Asha 206 Charging Jeck Point Jumper 
Here Nokia Ahsa 206 Diagram Shows The Point Below
Asha 206 Charging Solution

Nokia 1280 LCD Way And Display Light Solution

Nokia 1280 display light jumper solution
Nokia 1280 full display ways jumper
1280 white lcd problem solution

China Nokia E5-00 Mobile RX TX Position

Nokia e5-00 rx and tx position

Nokia 101 display light problem solution

Try to changr light ic if  light ic not available then make jumpers like diagram
below.Please try observe diagram carefully and try this trick your own risk

Nokia Lumia 625 Hard Reset

if you are facing problems like hanging freezing then soft reset can solve your problem.Soft reset will erase your personal data
and applications installed on phone.Before do soft reset take backup of your important data first.
Now you are going to reset your nokia lumia 625 mobile.
Select settings>about>select reset
Nokia lumia reset to default settings

Hard Reset:
Hard reset is performed to reset mobile settings to orignal default settings.Take backup of important data before hard reset.
Make sure your mobile battery is full or charger is connected to mobile.
Turn off  nokia lumia 625 then press and hold volume down+camera+power keys together.
Vhen phone vibraye release power button only.
Hold volume down+camera keys for 6 to 7 seconds then release.

Chaina m8000 hands free solutions

Problems:Always show hands free logo on screen,no sound in ringer
Solutions:Please before apply this work clean and heat red marked check its parts on pcb.then replace or remove usb and change hands free switching risistance near the usb connector cearfully.
These jumper are fully tested by me and its me creation please tell me if you solve your problems.

China G5 U-225 Hands free logo Solutions

Solutions:First clean and heat usb connector if problem not solved then remove this and clean usb connector point with petrol or ctc(carbon tetra cleaner).This is solution one if Not Solved then try to repair with solution two.
 Here is solution two witch is 10000000000000000000000% tested by me .
Try to make direct jumper on black hands free switcher risistanse witch is red circule marked on pcb

China Mobile PA jumpers Sky 77518-11

 Problems:low Signal,No network,Searching network always.
Solutions:please remove pa and make jumpers directly as this picture shown below with jumper wire.