Samsung E1105T/1105 Ringer, Speaker, Mic Problem (No Sound/Audio)

If Speaker, Ringer and Mic all not working ( No sound at all) Then just clean the Charging Jeck or change it... This solution always work ...

Sony Ericsson K300/K500/K700 Mic Ways- Solution for Mic Not Working Problem

Easy Jumpers for K300/K500/K700 Mic Problem Another interesting for K300 Mic Problem     K300 Mic Solution

Samsung B1100/1105T Sim Ways- Solution for Insert Sim Problem

Tested Soltion for Smasung E1100/1105T Insert Sim Problem Thanks to

Samsung SGH-X510 " Recharge Battery " Problem- Tested Solution

I received a Samsung X510 water damage, after full cleaning it was able to turn on but always shows a meassage "Recharge Battery"....


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