Nokia N95 display ic jumper

Nokia 6131 all solution exg


1202 LCD LIGHTS without any Parts (new)

no need led ic, coil, tranistor... remove all components... and make this three (3) jumper only... ur LCD leds will work normaly..

Nokia N70 Keypad Lights Ways

Nokia n86 charging Solution

Nokia-5030-keypad-ways- solution

Nokia X1 LCD Ways

Nokia X1 blank lcd problem.

Nokia X3 No Network Signal Solution

the solution for nokia X3 No network signal problem. This solution can be only used if the said device is already been restored or already d...

Nokia n73 camera not working

nokia n73 camera not working

Nokia N73 Camra fail solution

Nokia n73 camera not working  

Nokia 2730 Not Charging Problem

2730 Not Charging 2730 Charging Problem 2730 Charging Solution 2730 Charging No Response 2730 Charging Ways  

Nokia 2730 Ringer Buzzer Ways Problem

2730 Ringer Problem 2730 Buzzer Problem 2730 Ringer Ways 2730 Buzzer Way 2730 Ringer Jumpers 2730 Buzzer Jumpers

Nokia 2700c No Lcd Display Ways Problem

2700c Lcd Problem 2700c Display Problem 2700c Lcd Connector Ways 2700c Display Ways 2700c Blank Lcd 2700c Blank Display

Nokia 2700c Speaker Earpiece Ways Problem

2700c Speaker Problem 2700c Earpiece Problem 2700c Speaker Ways 2700c Earpiece Ways 2700c Speaker Jumpers 2700c Earpiece Jumpers

Nokia 2700c Local Test Mode Problem

2700c Local Mode 2700c Test Mode 2700c Local Mode Problem 2700c Test Mode Problem 2700c Local Mode Solution 2700c Test Mode Solution  

Nokia 2700c Handsfree Activated Problem

2700c Handsfree Problem 2700c Handsfree Activated 2700c No sound and Microphone 2700c Handsfree Shortage 2700c Handsfree Icon Appeared

Nokia 2700c Not Charging Problem

2700c Not Charging 2700c Charging Problem 2700c Charging Ways 2700c Charging No Response 2700c Charging Solution  

2630 Not Charging Problem

2630 Not Charging 2630 Charging Problem 2630 Charging Ways 2630 Charging Solution 2630 Charging Tracks 2630 Charger Not Supported

Nokia 2630 Mic Ways

2630 Mic Problem 2630 Microphone Problem 2630 Mic Jumpers 2630 Microphone Jumpers 2630 Mic Ways 2630 Microphone Jumpers

Nokia 2600c Camera Problem

2600c Camera Problem 2600c Camera Operation Failed 2600c Camera Solution 2600c Camera Not Working

Nokia 2600c Keypad Ways Problem

2600c Keypad Problem 2600c Keypad Ways 2600c Keypad Solution 2600c Keypad Jumpers 2600c Keypad Tracks 2600c Keypad Ic Ways

Nokia 2610, 2626 Not Charging Problem

2610 Charging Problem 2610 Not Charging 2610 Charger Not Supported 2626 Charging Problem 2626 Not Charging 2626 Charger Not Supported

Nokia 2610, 2626 No Display Lcd Problem

2626, 2610 Lcd Problem 2626, 2610 No Display 2626, 2610 Lcd Ways 2626, 2610 Lcd Connector Ways 2626 Lcd Jumpers 2626 Display Problem

Nokia 1650 Blank Lcd Dispaly Problem

      1650 Blank Lcd Problem 1650 Blank Display Problem 1650 White Lcd Problem 1650 White Display Problem 1650 No Lcd 1650 No Display

Nokia 1650 Keypad Ways

1650 Keypad Problem 1650 Keypad Ways 1650 Keypad Tracks 1650 Keypad Jumpers 1650 Keypad Not Working

Nokia 1650 Contact Service Problem

1650 Contact Service 1650 Contact Service Problem 160 Pm Files Downlaod 1650 Contact Service Solution 1650 Free Pm Files

Nokia 1650 Led Display Lights Problem

1650 Led Lights Problem 1650 Lcd Lights Problem 1650 Display Lights Problem 1650 No Lcd Display Lights 1650 Keypad Led Lights Problem

1650 Speaker Earpiece Ways Problem

1650 Speaker Problem 1650 Speaker Ways 1650 Speaker Jumpers 1650 Earpiece Ways 1650 Earpiece Problem 1650 Earpiece Jumpers

Nokia 1650 Ringer Buzzer Ways Solution

1650 Ringer Problem 1650 Ringer Ways 1650 Ringer Jumpers 1650 Buzzer Problem 1650 Buzzer Ways 1650 Buzzer Jumpers

Nokia 1650 Mic Ways

1650 Mic Problem 1650 Microphone Problem 1650 Mic Ways 1650 Microphone Ways 1650 Mic Jumpers    

Nokia 1650 Not Charging Problem

1650 Not Charging 1650 Charging Problem 1650 Charging Solution 1650 Charge Ways 1650 Not Charging Solution 16500 Not Charging Problem Solved...

Nokia 6280 Blank lcd Problem

6280 Lcd Problem 6280 Display Problem 6280 Blank lcd Problem 6280 Blank Display Problem 6280 Display Ic Ways 6280 No Lcd Display Problem

Nokia 6270 No Network Problem

6270 Network Problem 6270 Signal Problem 6270 No Network 6270 No Signal Problem 6270 No Network Problem 6270 Network Ways

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